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The OMNIVISE web application is a platform that enables SIEMENS ENERGY business to bring multiple data-driven digital products to our customers. It delivers a unified customer experience that addresses their day-to-day operations and business needs. The platform and its related framework and tools are designed to deliver digital products as a set of OMNIVISE modules that are easily composable, deployable, and can be custom-built to fit any business needs.

Omnivise is:

  • A project to transform the Omnivise offerings into an integrated Enterprise Operations and MaintenanceManagement Suite instead of a collection of unintegrated point solutions.


  • Driven by the voice of the customer to deliver a scalable, modular, standardized common platform.

This will significantly change the development process from point solutions to a modular enterprise approach, maximizing R&D value by maintaining a central library for core functionality and models.

My Role: UX Lead, Individual Contributor

Duration: January 2020 - June 2022

Platform: Web

Design Tool: Figma


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Siemens Energy was being carved out of the Siemens AG group, and with the new branding, we needed a new approach for Siemens Energy products. The product line-up was vast, so there was a need for a platform where we could host these products and sell those as one combined product to the customers.



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  • The design must be intuitive and must be designed with the new Omnivise Design System.

  • The look and feel must be unified for all the Omniviseofferings. So, it’s easy for users to analyze any page or screen of the application.

  • End-users are affiliated with the existingOmnivise offerings, so the challenge was to have less deviation in the design to keep the learning curve as minimal as possible.

  • The subscription model for the offerings should be easy to understand for the users.

  • No vicinity to the users and remote working.


Problems Line.png

Siemens Energy was set to be carved out from the Siemens AG group in early 2020. The re-branding of Siemens Energy as an organization was initiated in collaboration with an external design agency.

With the new branding, we needed a new approach for Siemens Energy products. The product line-up was vast, so there was a need for a platform where we could host these products and sell those as one combined product to the customers.

I was working on this project with a UX designer in Berlin and my small team of 3 UX designers in India.

We started this project by understanding the requirements of the stakeholders and users through stakeholders and users workshops. The outcome of these workshops formed the base of the whole approach. We divided the project into 3 phases: Omnivise Platform, Omnivise Modules, Omnivise Customizable Dashboards

Usability tests were conducted at these major milestones to validate the UX approach. We followed the Agile process for this project and the whole journey was documented on Confluence.



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Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines Line.png

As Omnivise is a product of the newly formed Siemens Energy, I used the in-house Omnivise Design System for designing the product’s user interface.

The design system is based on the Bootstrap framework and was created in collaboration with the Siemens Energy Branding team.


Modules & Module Launcher

Module Launcher Line.png

The idea of hosting 21+ products ranging from Siemens Energy to a single platform was challenging but interesting at the same time. The stakeholders wanted visibility of all the offerings to the users, and I did not want to overwhelm the user with those many offerings.

For this problem, we decided to have an App drawer approach. For inspiration, I studied how Google & Microsoft are doing it and looked at some other products for subscription approach for the modules.


Customizable Dashboards

Dashboard Line.png

Dashboards have always been one of the USPs of this Omnivise product. The purpose of providing a dashboard was to let users monitor their power plant on one screen with different KPI monitors.

As we moved ahead during the workshops, we decided to have customizable dashboards, where users would get the opportunity to create their custom dashboards to monitor their power plant’s KPIs.

Along with custom dashboards, users would also get pre-defined dashboards from Siemens Energy, based on the power plant configuration. Thus, making the user’s life easy. Different KPIs will have different widgets and users can copy/move widgets to different dashboards as per their needs.


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To summarize, Omnivise is supposed to be a one-stop solution for power plant managers/supervisors/engineers to cater to most of their needs.

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